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Youth First Conference Fredericskburg, VA professional Development


Our 2023 Youth First Conference

Key Note Speaker

Our 2023 Youth First Conference
Key Note Speaker

Youth First Conference

Rick Griffin

Executive Director

Community Resilience Initiative

Presentation Topic:

The Search for Safety

(See below for description)

About Rick Griffin

Rick is currently the Executive Director for Community Resilience Initiative (CRI), the nation’s first community resilience network. Rick holds a Master’s degree in Education and uses his education to develop innovative content and to deliver engaging presentations. He speaks to thousands of groups from all over the country and is widely recognized for his work with trauma informed practices.


As the former Executive Director of a trauma-informed therapeutic residential program for struggling teens, Rick has first-hand experience with developing and implementing strategies and structures that foster resilience. His experience allows him to consult seamlessly with schools, businesses, and community organizations.


Mr. Griffin continues to be on the leading edge of training design. He has developed several outstanding trauma and resilience-based programs and practices including; Fostering Resilience in the Family, and Resilient Relationships: The Search for Love, Trust, and Safety. He is currently working on his latest project Trauma-Informed Leadership, a series of trainings that highlight the use of Neuroscience principles in professional development. Amid all this Rick still finds the time for his highest priorities, his faith, his family, and his friends.

Presentation Topic: The Search for Safety

Safety for children and families is probably one of the highest priorities for every culture. Unfortunately, seeking safety has likely been “enemy number one”.  The pursuit of safety is not only found at the root of all forms of discrimination, but also in the fabric of many other social ills, such as police brutality and school violence.  Saint Gregory the Great also references the quest for safety in his writings of the seven deadly sins.  Although much is attributed to this search, not much is understood of safety’s underpinnings.  This session focus in on the driving factors of safety for children and families to help participants begin to mitigate the damaging effects of its pursuit.  The Search for Safety course works on the premise that when we know better, we can do better.  There is no question that when it comes to the safety of children and families, we all can do better!

Youth First Conference Fredericksburg VA professional development
Past Speakers
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Conference Speakers

The Youth First Conference would not be as successful without the support of our past conference speakers.

2020 Leon Logothetis

2019 Justin Patton

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Youth First Conference Fredericskburg, VA professional Development
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Youth First Conference Fredericskburg, VA professional Development

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